Chessington Buzz:
Celebrating 35 Years of Adventures

To celebrate Chessington World of Adventure’s 35th Birthday on Thursday 7th July, Chessington Buzz has created a week-long event to celebrate Chessington’s rich history and story. Over the coming week, we are doing giveaways on our social media, posting memorable moments from Chessington’s history and unveiling a History Hunt game you can download and follow whilst in the park.

The team are planning to celebrate the birthday in Adventure Point on Thursday 7th July at 12:00. Come join the celebration with us!

The History Hunt is a self-guided tour around the Wonderful World of Adventures, taking you to memorable locations and spotting remnants Chessington’s history and working out the answer to the hunt. The hunt is available to download and print from the link below or just jot the answers down on a bit of paper.

Some locations have a letter that you need to work out so you can find the answer to the hunt. Give it a go at the link below.
To commemorate the birthday, we have a special card you can sign below. The card will then be given to park management as we share our memories of The Wonderful World of Adventures!

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