Farewell Safari Skyway

Farewell Safari Skyway. Earlier today, Chessington World of Adventures officially announced the removal of the much-loved Safari Skyway. As previously reported, the ride’s queue line has already been removed. And only yesterday was the attraction taken off of the official… Read more »

Is Safari Skyway due for Removal?

Is Safari Skyway due for Removal? Following the recent removal of its queueing area. So, the permeant closure of the park’s popular Safari Skyway attraction is now looking more likely than ever. Earlier today, the ride was removed entirely from… Read more »

Rides Close for 2015 Season

It has recently become apparent that Chessington is having a tough season this year. With prolonged periods of downtime on Dragon’s Fury and longer so on Rattlesnake. Sadly more closures are now in effect. Chessington has announced that Tomb Blaster… Read more »