Here we go, it’s Bubbleworks behind the scenes! It was announced during the 2016 season that Bubbleworks would be closing for good in September. The ride, a staple at the park, has been operational in some guise since 1990. Although the Professor and his Fizzy Pop factory had long since left the land of Transylvania. Chessington was keen to celebrate the history of this classic ride and go out with a pop!

We were invited along to tour the ride as part of its final weeks and below are the photos of our tour. Alongside a trip around the ride, we were fortunate enough to meet Professor Burp himself. The ride may no longer be operational as Bubbleworks, but little easter eggs of this former attraction continue to live on. Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

The ride is sadly no longer operational at Chessington. Although, the ride system itself remains. Rethemed for the 2017 season, The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure was born inside the old Bubbleworks ride building. Updating this classic ride and modernising it for a new generation of visitors! We were of course very lucky to see Bubbleworks behind the scenes, and if you look closely when you take a ride on the Gruffalo, you may notice some hidden easter eggs and throwbacks to the original ride hidden throughout the attraction!