Rameses Revenge was a thrilling ride at Chessington. The park designers fashioned this area around the ride to emulate ancient Egypt. The ride, which was a Huss Top Spin, was a popular attraction at the park for over two decades. From its opening in 1995 until its closure in 2019.

The ride itself was a high-intensity experience that featured a rotating gondola that flipped riders upside down. The gondolas held up to 40 passengers at a time. As the ride began, the gondola would spin and rotate at high speeds. With riders experiencing a series of sudden drops, twists, and flips. Its intense forces made the ride well-known. It was a favourite among thrill-seekers.

In addition to its thrilling ride experience, Rameses Revenge was also popular for its theming. Elaborate Egyptian theming adorned the queue line and surrounding area. The ride’s name was also a nod to this theming.

Rameses Revenge was a thrilling ride that incorporated water fountains to enhance the experience. As the ride spun, water fountains strategically placed would spray water towards the riders. Soaking them in the process. This added an extra level of excitement to the already exhilarating ride. They were a fun and unique element that made the ride a memorable experience.

In 2019, the park eventually removed the ride despite its popularity. Set to make way for a new attraction. In 2021, a new drop tower ride called Croc Drop replaced the old ride. While bidding farewell to Rameses Revenge might have disappointed some visitors, they can now actively embrace the thrilling new ride and experience it firsthand.

No matter what happens to it, people will always remember Rameses Revenge as one of the most exciting and iconic rides at Chessington.



Replaced By:
Croc Drop

Huss Rides GmbH

Ride Model:
Top Spin Classic

54ft / 16.5m

40 Per Cycle

Theoretical Capacity:
1200 Guests Per Hour

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