Project Water Adventure

Project Water Adventure is another piece of Chessington World of Adventures history in the making. Set to change and add a huge new attraction to the park. The project would see the addition of a Water Park to the Resort. We’ve got the low down on the proposals and will of course update here when more exciting come to light.

This page is simply a landing page for the moment whilst we flesh out how we plan to cover the project here on Chessington Buzz. More will come soon, so we’ve covered the basics down below. Join us soon as we delve into one of the biggest projects to ever come to Chessington World of Adventures.

What is it?

Project Water Adventure is simply, a Water Park. Proposed to be built connected to the existing Safari Hotel, the water park will bolt onto the side of the building. Featuring both indoor and outdoor adventures, the proposals would be an astonishing new attraction for the park.

When will it open?

Little is known about when it will officially open at Chessington World of Adventures. In conversation with planners at the consultation event, we believe the target is 2025. This does of course assume there are no construction or large planning delays to the project.

Why a water park?

When you consider how Chessington could grow the Resort aspect of the park. There’s not a huge amount of space to build an extra theme park or other attractions. Utilising the little space they do have to build a water park is a huge way to grow the Resort. With very few similar attractions around the local area, it would also be a great draw to the park.

What’s next?

With the consultation now completed, Chessington will go away and discuss the feedback received. They’ll use this feedback to draw up the final plans before submitting them for planning permission. Once planning permission is received, construction will commence and the Water Park will open to the public once completed.