Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters are the bread and butter of any good theme park. Chessington’s collection is pretty well rounded. Offering up a selection of different roller coasters for guests of all ages. From the intense spinning of Dragon’s Fury. The out of control sensations on Rattlesnake and the smooth family-friendly Scorpion Express. There’s something for everyone at Chessington.

So, prepare yourselves to spin, swing and power through Chessington’s roller-coaster lineup!

Dragon's Fury Icon

Dragon's Fury

Mandrill Mayhem Icon

Mandrill Mayhem

  •   World Of Jumanji
  •   Roller Coasters
  • Mandrill Mayhem, a thrilling new adventure is coming to Chessington World of Adventures in 2023. Join us as we unlock this new adventure!
Rattlesnake Icon


  •   Mexicana
  •   Roller Coasters
  • Hold on tight, Rattlesnake has you in its grip. Brace yourself for a bumpy ride on this classic wild mouse roller coaster!
Scorpion Express Icon

Scorpion Express

  •   Mexicana
  •   Roller Coasters
  • Strap yourself in for an adventure aboard the Scorpion Express, a family friendly roller coaster with a sting in its tail!
Vampire Icon


  •   Wild Woods
  •   Roller Coasters
  • Fly high above the rooftops, swoop over the trees and plunge through dark tunnels, a terrifying roller coaster ride awaits!