The Children’s Zoo at Chessington is a delightful destination for families seeking a fun and educational experience with animals. The area offers visitors the chance to interact with a variety of animals, including goats, ferrets, pigs, and donkeys. A unique part of Chessington Zoo.

One of the highlights of the Children’s Zoo is the large walk-through habitat that allows the goats to roam free. Visitors can stroll through the enclosure and observe these creatures as they nibble on hay, climb on rocks, and play. It’s a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about animal behaviour and the importance of respecting wildlife.

In addition to the goats, the area is home to a range of other animals that are sure to delight. Ferrets are known for their playful and curious personalities. The pigs are equally charming, with their wrinkled snouts and friendly demeanour.

Overall, it is a wonderful area for families. Perfect for a fun and educational experience. The wide variety of animals offers something for everyone. The large walk-through habitat is a fun opportunity to interact with wildlife up close. Whether you’re a young child or simply young at heart, the Children’s Zoo is sure to delight and inspire.

  Animal Habitats

African Pygmy Goat Page Icon

African Pygmy Goat

  • Children's Zoo
  • The African Pygmy Goat is a small domesticated breed originally from West Africa. They are playful, friendly, and often kept as pets or for milk.
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  • Children's Zoo
  • Ferrets are domesticated mammals related to weasels, kept as pets for their playful and curious nature. They require daily exercise.
Golden Lion Headed Tamarin Page Icon

Golden Lion Headed Tamarin

  • Children's Zoo
  • The Golden Lion Tamarin is a small, endangered monkey with bright orange fur and a mane, native to Brazil. They are arboreal and diurnal.
Kune-Kune Pig Page Icon

Kune-Kune Pig

  • Children's Zoo
  • The Kune-Kune Pig is a docile breed from New Zealand, with a unique appearance of a short snout and neck wattles. They are kept as pets.
Miniature Donkey Page Icon

Miniature Donkey

  • Children's Zoo
  • Miniature Donkeys are small donkeys from the Mediterranean region, kept for farm work. They have friendly and affectionate personalities.
Pygmy Marmoset Page Icon

Pygmy Marmoset

  • Children's Zoo
  • The Pygmy Marmoset is the world's smallest monkey, found in South America's rainforests. They use their long tails to balance in the trees.
Skunk Page Icon


  • Children's Zoo
  • The Skunk is a nocturnal mammal from the Americas, known for its black and white fur pattern and potent defensive spray.