Height Restrictions

Height restrictions at Chessington World of Adventures Resort are a set of rules in place to protect guests. The safety of all guests who visit the park is the top priority. These restrictions are put in place for safety reasons. Ride & Attraction height restrictions are mostly set by the rides specific manufacturers to ensure a safe fit in the ride’s various seats.

In some cases, guests may be too tall to visit or ride on certain attractions due to safety.  This could also be due to how the restraints secure on guests. Also, in other situations, guests under a certain height may still ride if accompanied by another guest over 16. These rules are in place to ensure a responsible person is there should ride’s need to be evacuated or unloaded.

Please see the table below for all of the park’s various ride restrictions. Please note these can be subject to change.

Attraction: Type: Min. Acc. Max. Chest.
Adventure Tree Carousel Family Adventures None 1.30m
Barrel Bail Out Family Adventures 0.90m 1.20m
Blue Barnacle Wild Rides 1.10m 1.30m
Canopy Capers Children's Attractions None 0.90m
Croc Drop Wild Rides 1.20m 1.30m 51" Max
Dragon's Fury Roller Coasters 1.20m 1.95m 51" Max
Elmer's Flying Jumbos Family Adventures None 1.10m
Griffin's Galleon Family Adventures 0.90m 1.20m
The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure Family Adventures None 1.10m
Jungle Bus Children's Attractions 0.90m 1.10m 1.96m 51" Max
Jungle Rangers Children's Attractions None 1.20m
Kobra Wild Rides 1.20m 51" Max
Monkey Swinger Wild Rides 1.20m 51" Max
Rattlesnake Roller Coasters 1.40m 1.96m 51" Max
River Rafts Children's Attractions 0.90m 1.20m
Room on the Broom Family Adventures None 1.10m
Scorpion Express Roller Coasters 0.90m 1.10m 1.96m 51" Max
Seastorm Family Adventures 0.90m 1.10m
Sea Dragons Children's Attractions None 1.10m
Temple Of Mayhem Children's Attractions None 1.40m
Tiger Rock Family Adventures 1.20m 1.30m
Tiny Truckers Children's Attractions None 1.10m
Trawler Trouble Family Adventures 0.90m 1.10m
Treetop Hoppers Children's Attractions 0.90m 1.10m 51" Max
Tomb Blaster Family Adventures None 1.10m 51" Max
Tuk-Tuk Turmoil Family Adventures 0.90m 1.30m
Vampire Roller Coasters 1.10m 1.30m 1.96m 51" Max
Zufari: Ride Into Africa! Family Adventures 1.00m 1.30m 51" Max