Tips & Tricks

We’ve got a host of Tips & Tricks to help you make the most of your visit! Ready to ‘Answer The Call of the Wild’ and explore Britain’s Wildest Adventure? Then we’ve got you covered!

Arrive Early

That’s right, get to the park as soon as you can ready for opening, you’ll thank us for it! This is a vital hour to get as many rides in before crowd levels pick up. Park normally reaches its capacity for the day around 11 am, so getting there early allows you to get in a few rides before the crowds get bigger!

Book Your Tickets in Advance

If you have the option to buy your tickets at home then this will avoid the main queue as you enter the park, you can simply walk up to the turnstiles and scan your ticket (either printed or on your phone) and head on in.

Check The Weather

Another handy hint would be to check the weather forecast before heading to the park. A rainy day would mean the possibility of getting wet. So don’t forget to pack those coats. However, don’t let this dampen your spirits as you could be offered the chance to come back to the resort for free! Yes, that’s right. Chessington offers a rainy-day guarantee meaning you can come back another day if your day was just a little bit too wet! For more information on the Rainy Day Guarantee, please click here.

Enjoy an early lunch

This is possibly our favourite bit of advice to share. Having an early lunch means you will not likely have to queue to get your food. It also means that when you’ve finished eating and you’re ready to explore the park some more, the rest of the park is ready for their lunch. Therefore ride queues will be smaller.

Just make sure your food has gone down before heading for a spin on Dragon’s Fury! We’d advise heading for your food of choice around 11/half 11 as the busy lunch period tends to be between 12 and 2. Not sure where to eat? Have a look at the Food & Drink options!

Or, if you don’t mind eating on the move, you could even bring a packed lunch! Take your food with you and settle in for lunch in one of the park’s longer queue lines. Picnic benches are also available if you choose that eating on the move is not for you!

M-App Your Day

Download the Chessington App! The park no longer gives out printed park maps, so if you’ve never visited, the app is very useful! With a map, live queue times and showtimes available, downloading the park’s mobile app is incredibly useful!

Plan Ahead

To guarantee maximum fun for all during your visit to Chessington World of Adventures, it’s best to plan ahead. Choosing an off-peak weekday would ensure shorter queues giving you more time exploring and less time queuing! Booking inside of the school holidays is likely to lead to a busier visit. It’s best to avoid it if you want to get on more rides! Try to avoid weekdays in June / July also. This is generally school trip season and makes for a busy park!

Ride Close

At Chessington, the rides don’t close when the park does! Park closing time is when the entrance to ride queues close. So if you wanted to get in one last ride before setting off, make sure you get yourself into the queue line before the park’s advertised closing time!