Step into a land full of fiery spinning rides, a high-flying roller coaster and of course capers above the canopy. With attractions designed to suit all members of the family, Land of the Dragons is the perfect area for everyone. With three sensational spinning rides, a large indoor playscape and an outdoor aerial adventure. The area is full of wild adventures!

Guests walk through a land filled with high buildings strung together with rope canopies. Themed rock work and sensational planting pull the land together. Feeling somewhat like something you’d find in a cartoon; this zany world of Dragons is sure to be a hit with the entire family.

Surrounding the land, as if protecting it from invasion is Dragon’s Fury. This madcap spinning roller coaster is full of fiery force and wild twists. Taking guests on a wicked tour around the Land of the Dragons, the ride helps you to explore even more! With other lands and wild adventures visible as far as the eye can see. If you can focus yourself away from the spinning that is!

If being high off the ground isn’t your thing, don’t worry, little dragons can take a ride on Sea Dragons. This little boat ride is perfect for the smallest dragon tamer. This watery carousel ride may not be scary, but rest assured there are bigger frights around the rest of Chessington.

Need a bite to eat whilst your children are off running rampant in the Dragon’s Playhouse? Not to worry, the Dragon’s Lair is the perfect place to stop for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. Land of the Dragon’s has someone for everyone, young and old. There’s an adventure to be had around every corner!

  Rides & Attractions

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Canopy Capers

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Dragon's Fury

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Dragon's Playhouse

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Griffin's Galleon

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Sea Dragons

  Food & Drink

Dragon Delights Icon

Dragon Delights

  •   Land of the Dragons
  • Dragon Delights is where visitors can indulge in delicious ice cream sundaes. The Dragons have taken over this sweet treat stand.
Dragon's Lair Café Icon

Dragon's Lair Café

  •   Land of the Dragons
  • Let your children unwind and go crazy in Dragon’s Playhouse whilst you're on hand nearby with a hot cup of Costa coffee!