Calling all young dragons, hoist your sail up high and take a tour of the seas at Chessington. This little ride is perfect for very small children, as they travel around gently in a circle in your own dragon-themed boat.

This can be a great antidote to the more thrilling attractions at Chessington. Adults can watch their little ones become little sailors whilst enjoying a nice coffee nearby. Let them experience a serene and relaxing ride!

Stepping into a world full of dragons is exactly what is on the cards. Venture on a journey into Land of the Dragons and find yourself up close and personal with Frazzle. However, not all dragons are fiery! If your little adventurer isn’t quite ready to grit their fangs on the crazy spinning of Dragon’s Fury. Sea Dragons may be just for you!

Manufactured by Mack rides, this ride is popular with younger children and families. With each of the eight boats sitting up to 6 guests each. There are no restraints however riders are reminded to keep their hands and legs inside the boat. With smaller children secured by adults. The boats have different coloured masts and figureheads to add to the theme.

A very basic child-friendly gently rising boat themed slow rotating ride with a shallow water base. Giving the impression as the ride turns and rises that it is on the waves.

Mack Rides GmbH

Ride Model:
Spinning Boat Ride

Theoretical Capacity:
360 Guests Per Hour

Minimum Height:
No Minimum. Guests Under 1.10m must be accompanied by an adult aged 16+

Attraction Type:
Children's Rides

Disabled Access:

Reserve & Ride:
Not Available

Ride Photos:
Not Available