The Land of the Tiger opened in 2018 to redevelop the former Mystic East. Mystic East was a heavily themed area with Japanese and Asian elements that opened in 1987. Its focal point was the Dragon River / Dragon Falls.

The Land was given a deep refresh in 2017 and a new theme. It was reborn as the Land of the Tiger.

Developed in conjunction with Zoo experts. Land of the Tiger celebrates one of the world’s most majestic and most endangered animals. The Amur tigers are truly at the heart of the innovative enclosure, home to four Amur tigers, the world’s largest tiger species. Today it is one of the most popular lands, especially in hot weather.

In a European first, the specially designed enclosures introduce overhead trails. Allowing the tigers’ freedom to roam and guests to observe the species in a whole new way. Right above their heads. Other areas allow guests not just to observe but also to ‘interact’ with the awe-inspiring animals in various experiences and together make amazing discoveries about the Amur Tiger.

The Amur originate from the far east and were the perfect evolution of many of the original themes. The focal point of the Land is the massive Tiger themed rock which can be seen prominently from the Land’s entrance. The main ride’s drop flows through this on its way back to its station.

The Land connects to Wild Asia on one side and the Land of the Dragons on the other. A bridge connects both sides of the Land with the river running through.

The Land of the tiger is home to four Amur tigers who came from Kolmarden. A Zoo and Theme Park in Sweden.

  Rides & Attractions

There are a host of rides & attractions throughout Chessington World of Adventures. The rides in this area are detailed below, for more information on the other attractions at the park, please click here.

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Tiger Rock

A truly unique encounter combining a classic water flume and a specially designed tiger enclosure providing an exciting experience.

  Animal Habitats

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Amur Tiger

  • Land Of The Tiger
  • At Chessington, the Amur Tiger are more than just an attraction - they are ambassadors for their species. Discover these majestic animals in their European First habitat with its over-head tiger bridges.

  Food & Drink

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Refresh & Refill

The Refresh & Refill units at Chessington World of Adventures are a convenient way for guests to stay hydrated and refreshed!
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Tiger Bites

If you're looking for a bite to eat while exploring the Land of the Tiger themed area at Chessington, then Tiger Bites is the place to be.
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Tiger Outpost

Tiger Outpost is a great option for guests looking for a quick refreshment stop in the Land of the Tiger at Chessington World of Adventures.
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Tiger Treats

Located in the Land of the Tiger themed area at Chessington, Tiger Treats is a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth.


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