Mexicana opened as part of Chessington’s World of Adventures in 1987 and was the perfect ramshackle western town. Originally just the home of Chessingtons Runaway Mine Train, the land was reborn in 1998 with the addition of Rattlesnake. This weaving back and forth wild mouse styled roller coaster helped to boose the ride count in this classic western town.

With a whole host of Wild West theming, the Runaway Mine Train was designed within a large cave. It also featured an extensively themed queue line above the rest of the area. The line took you around a lake and down into an underground mine. Unfortunately, time was unkind to the Runaway Train and before long the train ground to a halt.

The original ride system is still going strong now. With a new focal point in the form of a giant metal scorpion that sprays guests with its tail as they pass. The Scorpion Express story goes that a large explosion caused the mine to blow open. Setting loose a band of scorpions free to guard the gold against would-be thieves.

The other major ride in this area is Rattlesnake, a wild mouse coaster with tin mine theming. The facade of this ride is a central focal point as guests enter Mexicana.

The area formerly featured a Wild West photo studio where guests could dress in costumes for Photos. However, this space is now used as the VIP Hub. Alongside the Annual Pass Centre. The zone includes several games units, including a coin-operated West-themed shooting range called Rick O’Shea’s.

  Rides & Attractions

There are a host of rides & attractions throughout Chessington World of Adventures. The rides in this area are detailed below, for more information on the other attractions at the park, please click here.

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Hold on tight, Rattlesnake has you in its grip. Brace yourself for a bumpy ride on this classic wild mouse roller coaster!
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Scorpion Express

Strap yourself in for an adventure aboard the Scorpion Express, a family friendly roller coaster with a sting in its tail!

  Food & Drink

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Tacotaria at Chessington World of Adventures is a must-visit eatery for anyone who loves Mexican food. Load, Wrap, Top, and Enjoy!


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