Rattlesnake is a steel wild mouse style roller coaster ride that opened in 1998. It was built as one of the park’s early expansion projects to bring in more thrill rides. The installation of the ride prompted the renaming of the park’s ‘Calamity Canyon’ area to ‘Mexicana’, which remains today. While mouse style coasters are pretty common, what makes this one unique is the excellent theming.

The ride was created to resemble a Mexican mine at the height of the wild west era. The entrance is highly stylised and starts you on a journey to the mine; through the queue, you will encounter the cheeky rattlesnake character, the ride’s namesake, passing through the mine tunnels.

Due to the planning permission restrictions at the park, the ride had to be excavated, and riders will notice that they enter a pit when joining the ride queue. The highest points of the ride provide great views out over the park, and the twists and turns provide a thrilling ride experience. The ride was constructed in a pit previously constructed to house the park’s Giraffe collection.

When riding, you will start on the first lift hill, which takes you to the highest point, then you twist through a series of hair bend turns, before shooting down the first drop, your then taken on a further series of twists and turns before the last final drop taking you back to the ride station.

Over the years, some of the original theming has been removed due to age. In the 2021 season, the ride received several new and replacement theming elements. It’s a firm fan favourite and is looking great in its second decade.

Maurer Rides GmbH

Ride Model:
Wilde Maus Classic

49ft / 15m

1,213ft / 370m

28mph / 45kph

8 Cars

4 Guests Per Car

Theoretical Capacity:
900 Guests Per Hour

Minimum Height:
Guests must be taller than 1.40m to ride.

Chest Restriction:
51 Inches Max.

Attraction Type:
Roller Coasters

Disabled Access:

Reserve & Ride:

Ride Photos:


Rides Close for 2015 Season

Rides Close for 2015 Season

Rides Close for 2015 Season

  September 28th 2015

It has recently become apparent that Chessington is having a tough season this year. With prolonged periods of downtime…