Treetop Hoppers

Enter the Rainforet for a bouncing good time on Treetop Hoppers! This pair of sky high family friendly drop towers are sure to leave you with butterflies in your tummy. Boing up and down and feel the airtime as you hop to the beat of a laid back jungle beat.

Treetop Hoppers are the perfect starting point for little adventurers looking to sink their junior fangs into bigger rides. Towering upto 7m high, these towers look huge for younger guests. Add the bouncy sensations and frolicking fun soon follows!

Opening originally as the Berry Bouncers as part of Toytown in 2001, these towers have seen their fair share of makeovers! From bouncing above the jungle to hopping high up into the tree’s. These towers may have changed over the years, but the ride is still a fun experience for those little ones!