Shipwreck Coast Animals

Baggot Goats

The Bagot is believed to be Britain’s oldest breed of goat with a documented ancestry. The Bagot is a small to medium-sized goat. It has large curved horns which sweep backwards with very little lateral twist. The head and forequarters are predominantly black and the hindquarters are predominantly white. Many animals have black patches on their hindquarters and a white blaze on their face.

The Bagot Goats at Chessington are located in an enclosure which wraps around Blue Barnacle.

Black Rats

The black rat, also known as the roof rat, ship rat, or house rat, is a common long-tailed rodent. The black rat is black to light brown in colour with a lighter underside. It is an omnivore and a serious pest to farmers because it feeds on a wide range of agricultural crops. It is sometimes kept as a pet.

The black rats at Chessington live within two enclosures as part of the queue line for Trawler Trouble. Their unique habitat allows the rats to pass over guests’ heads via a series of tunnels.