Barrel Bail Out

The Harbour Master needs your help over at Barrel Bail Out!

Disaster has struck the docks of Shipwreck Coast. All the food, goods and the last of the Pirate’s Rum Barrels have been washed out into the waters! A maelstrom has hit and has engulfed the harbour! Can you help the Harbour Master to bring all the barrels back to shore?

This new for 2022 attraction is sure to be a hit with the family. Battle it out with water guns and help get the water out of the barrels. Spin the pumps fast, aim those guns and be sure to take cover! This wet and wild attraction is a blast and will be sure to leave you more than a little bit soaked!

Jump inside a barrel and grab a pump to help bail out the water before they’re lost to the sea forever. Will you brave the whirlpool and race to empty the barrels of water? It’s a barrel of laughs on Barrel Bail Out!