Wild Asia

Take a step into the streets of Wild Asia. You’ll discover the local methods of transport, see the exotic wildlife and enjoy the legendary story of the Kobra. You reach a crossroad deep in the Wild Asian jungle. One way is the city, the chaotic metropolis where the night air is filled with the sounds of Tuk-tuks. With rickety old buses weaving between the gridlock. In the other direction, the deepest jungles in the world, barely touched by the hand of man for millennia.

One false step and the piercing scream of the Kobra snake could end the uneasy tranquillity forever. Here in Wild Asia, you are forever on the border between the city and the jungle, chaos and peace.

Walking through the paths of Wild Asia you’ll find yourself immersed in rides both left and right. Because rides to suit guests of all ages fill this land. From the dominating towers and snakeheads on Kobra to the spiralling and wondrously themed Monkey Swinger, there are rides everywhere.

Transportation in Wild Asia isn’t an issue either! You can step aboard the Jungle Bus for a trip you’ll never forget. Or perhaps weave in and out of the crazy streets on Tuk-Tuk Turmoil. But if those don’t take your fancy, then why not step into Lorikeet Lagoon? Walkthrough Chessington’s very own exotic bird walkthrough and even feed the colourful inhabitants.

Talking about the history of Wild Asia takes us back right to the humble beginnings of Chessington. We must of course talk about a world that once called this land home. Circus World opened alongside the newly created theme park. Greeting guests with wonders, magic tricks and of course a little bit of clowning around! It sadly wasn’t to last.

Opening in the year 2000 was of course one of Chessington’s more light-hearted themed lands. Beanoland and the madcap adventures of Dennis the Menace opened to the public and instantly became a hit. Featuring hand dryers that got you wet, crazy waterslide fountains and a selection of new rides. So of course, it became a highlight of the park. Not all good things can last forever. However, Beanoland didn’t go quietly, it went out with a bang! How else to close the land for the final time than with a pie fight? A fitting end to a crazy madcap land that helped shape a growing park.

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