Public transport is often the most popular way to get around Asia, and Chessington’s little piece of South-Eastern Asia is no exception. Well, maybe one exception. Unlike the real rickety buses of South East Asia, Chessington’s won’t take you from A to B. It will, however, send you soaring to the skies in a gentle journey above the forest canopy. But it’s not the destination that counts, it’s the journey and the Jungle Bus sure is a thrilling one!

Your ride will surprise you, as the Jungle Bus sends you flying into the sky! Be sure to hold on tight as the bus bounds forwards and backwards along its cycle, getting faster as it goes! The Jungle Bus is the wildest bus journey you’ve ever been on!

When it came time to reinvent the tired-looking Beanoland, it wasn’t right to just lose one of the rides. Instead, Chessington opted to have the ride re-themed as part of the newly announced Wild Asia. They even sent it on a journey, to a new home at the front of the new Wild Asia land. With the creation of a new entrance portal into Wild Asia. The entrance pathway into the land was made more thematic. This allowed more space at the front of the land for the newly rejuvenated Jungle Bus to call home.

The design of the Jungle Bus is a bit subtler than it was in its previous incarnation. No longer a bold and bright red, with crazy red and white lines and a bright backdrop. The new design of the Jungle Bus is more natural. Sporting a new sky-blue tone and lots of small details to make the ride and the bus seems older.


Ride Model:
Crazy Bus

23ft / 7 m

24 Maximum.

Theoretical Capacity:
480 Guests Per Hour

Minimum Height:
0.90m. Guests Under 1.10m must be accompanied by an adult aged 16+

Maximum Height:

Chest Restriction:
51 Inches Max.

Attraction Type:
Children's Rides

Disabled Access:

Reserve & Ride:
Not Available

Ride Photos:
Not Available


Jungle Bus Returns

Jungle Bus Returns

Jungle Bus Returns

  September 6th 2022

Jungle Bus returns to Chessington World Of Adventures. Following the news earlier this season that Jungle Bus was to…
Jungle Bus closed for 2022

Jungle Bus closed for 2022

Jungle Bus closed for 2022

  March 4th 2022

In what may be a surprise for many, Jungle Bus is to remain closed for the 2022 season. Chessington…