Wild Woods

Wild Woods is without a doubt one of the biggest parts of Chessington’s history.

Setting up shop as part of the original land in 1990 was the madcap Professor Burps. A man with more crazy ideas than the creative team behind the attraction. With fruity smells, lively sets and of course, one of the most iconic theme park soundscapes in theme park history, Professor Burp’s Bubbleworks was one of the biggest parts of this quiet little town. However, things don’t always last as long as they were intended to.

This iconic area opened in 1990 following a two-year construction period and immediately thrust Chessington into the theme park spotlight in the UK. Offering up a brand-new suspended roller coaster and a fizzy pop factory tour. Sadly, not everything can last forever and huge changes were a foot in 2017.

The sleepy village town of Transylvania woke up when the crazy professor had left. With Imperial Leather transforming the Bubbleworks the land changed. Up until 2016, Transylvania remained mostly unchanged. However, with a new adventure inbound for 2017, the land was set for changes.

Step right into the heart of the classic Gruffalo story on The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure. Float down the rivers of the Wild Woods and join the mouse on a wild adventure. As you head away from the village and into the woods, you can fly through the trees like a bat as you experience Vampire. Chessington’s iconic suspended rollercoaster.

With the area refurbished and the Gruffalo now part of the woods, this fantastic area is one of the most thematic in the park. No trip to Chessington is complete without a stroll through the Wild Woods!