The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure

Embark on the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure. Join Mouse as you float downstream and straight into the pages of this classic Julia Donaldson storybook. Come face to face with the Gruffalo and discover more about this exciting tale. Guests young and old jump straight into the heart of this magical story. Float further down the river and meet more characters on this exciting adventure!

Developed by the talented team at Merlin Magic Making, this attraction literally brings the classic story to life. Taking advantage of breakthrough technologies in Dark Ride Design. This redeveloped ride manages to maintain the classic dark ride feel, whilst also immersing guests into the Gruffalo story! The ride opened in 2017 to incredible acclaim. There were no compromises made during the transformation. The storytelling, sets and character of the attraction remained at the core of the design. Bringing the Gruffalo to life in a whole new way!

Replacing the tired, but much-loved Bubbleworks ride, this exciting reimagining helped to rejuvenate an ageing ride. The days of the fizzy pop factory in the heart of Transylvania are now sadly long gone. Chessington opted to bring the ride into the new century in a modern and classy way. The challenge wasn’t an easy one. Remove a dated and highly loved theme and make the ride more captivating for the park’s new, younger crowd.

Taking away the Bubbleworks wasn’t completely without challenges. Many die-hard guests felt that the closure of the Bubbleworks was a huge mistake. Chessington rose to the challenge, however. With the new and improved ride of course being a worthy replacement.

Take a trip on this reimagined classic ride with the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure!