Flying high above the rooftops, swooping over the trees and plunging through dark tunnels, a terrifying monster stalks the night… Enter the decrepit and crumbling castle, down dark and mysterious passageways. Horrifying crashing organ music mingles with ghastly screams as a strange vehicle approaches… Fly with the legendary monster yourself and experience the sheer terror of vulnerability as your legs dangle free. This is Vampire! You’d best bring Garlic; it bites!

The Vampire has a very rich history at Chessington and is one of the most iconic aspects of the park. When people talk about Chessington, the Vampire ride always weaves its way into the conversation. Similar to how this suspended roller coaster winds itself in and out of the trees at Chessington.

Opening in 1990, the Vampire at Chessington became an instant hit. Having the crazy out of control feeling that most roller coaster fanatics craved as well as the sensation of flight. It was a first for the UK and of course, it had a theme so sinister, guests couldn’t stay away!

As willing victims took their final steps into his lair the most amazing station area imaginable was awaiting them. Large chandeliers adorned the ceilings lighting the area dimly. With the loading docks of the ride looking as though they were awaiting fresh corpses. These raised faux stone bays helped set the tone. Vampire had one of the most theatrical roller coaster stations imaginable.

Truly making the atmosphere that bit more memorable was the presence of one figure in the darkness. Sat atop a plinth at a large set of organs with the legendary Vampire ride soundtrack playing. His legendary form remains an active part of the ride. However, many other props and scenes have been removed.

Arrow Dynamics

Ride Model:
Suspended Coaster

Designed By:
John Wardley

65ft / 20m

2,200ft / 670m

45 mph / 72kph

12 Cars Per Train

3 Trains

2 Guests Per Car

Theoretical Capacity:
1100 Guests Per Hour

Minimum Height:
1.10m. Guests Under 1.30m must be accompanied by an adult aged 16+

Maximum Height:

Chest Restriction:
51 Inches Max.

Attraction Type:
Roller Coasters

Disabled Access:

Reserve & Ride:

Ride Photos:


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