Embark on a playful adventure at Chessington World of AdventuresWorld of Jumanji with the Jungle Maze. A play area that transforms the iconic game board into a playground. Perfect for the young and the young at heart. We invite you to jump and climb your way through a series of obstacles inspired by the wilds of Jumanji.

The challenge is to navigate through a maze of excitement and fun. Mirroring the twists and turns of the renowned board game. Balance beams, stepping logs, and climbing frames are strategically placed, ensuring every adventurer encounters a mix of challenges that enhance agility and coordination.

Children can channel their inner explorer as they traverse the obstacles. Feeling the thrill of the jungle adventure in a safe and engaging environment. As you navigate the Jungle Maze, imagine the vibrant surroundings echoing the enchanting landscapes of Jumanji. The balance beams represent the delicate dance across a rope bridge. Stepping logs mimic traversing through a mystical swamp.

Ideal for families seeking a blend of adventure and recreation, the Jungle Maze captures the essence of Jumanji’s unpredictability in a delightful and safe setting. So, gather your little explorers and let the Jungle Maze be your playground in Chessington’s World of Jumanji.

Merlin Magic Making

Ride Model:
Obstacle Course

Attraction Type:
Children's Rides

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Not Available

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