Mamba Strike will arrive at the World of Jumanji in 2023. Coiled and ready to bite, this thrilling new ride is sharpening its fangs and ready to snap. Will you be brave enough to board and take a ride?

This black Mamba is poised and ready to go for 2023. Strap in and brace yourself as this venomous ride is ready to strike. Throwing its riders into the air faster and faster with every rotation. The ride is fast, thrilling and searching for willing guests. Are you braced for a ride on Mamba Strike?

This exciting new flat ride has been in the works for a number of years now and it’s finally close to opening. We’re excited to ride and we hope to update this page soon with all of the facts and figures. All of the details listed here are placeholders and are to be confirmed. So please take what is here with a pinch of salt.

We look forward to uploading galleries, videos and so much more of this new ride. So be sure to check back once the ride is open in 2023 for the latest photos! We’ll be updating this page as soon as we can. A thrilling new adventure awaits! For construction updates, please head over to our Project Amazon Mini-Site. Where we’ve all the latest news, updates and more!

SBF Visa Group

Ride Model:
Top Dancer

21ft / 6.4m

18 Guests Per Cycle

Theoretical Capacity:
540 Guests Per Hour

Minimum Height:
1.20m. Guests Under 1.30m must be accompanied by an adult aged 16+

Maximum Height:

Chest Restriction:
51 Inches Max.

Attraction Type:
Wild Rides

Disabled Access:

Reserve & Ride:
Not Available

Ride Photos:
Not Available


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