Black Buccaneer Runs Ashore

In a surprise announcement, it has today been officially announced that the Black Buccaneer will not be reopening this season. In a statement released by Chessington, they state the ride has run aground and will not be opening in 2019.

After sailing the high seas for 30 years, Black Buccaneer has run aground and unfortunately won’t be setting sail in 2019. Keep a ‘weather eye’ on the horizon though to see if the most fearsome ship in Pirates Cove will take to the seas again.

– Chessington World of Adventures

What this means for the future of the ride, at present remains unknown. Could a new pirate ship be setting sail to the Resort for the 2020 season? It is sad to see Black Buccaneer sat dormant, with very little is known about its future. The screams of riders as they sail high into the sky are silenced. Whatever happens, we shall be keeping our telescopes fixed on the horizon to see what happens next in Pirates Cove!

  May 8th 2019