Chessington Enters the ULEZ

  December 2nd 2022

Chessington Enters the ULEZ.

The London Mayor has announced an expansion to the Ultra Low Emissions Zone in London. The proposal was launched in 2019 and was designed to tackle air pollution in central London by 15%. This came after similar schemes in cities around the world. The scheme is aimed to improve the air quality in London. It aims to reduce the number of Londoners who die prematurely annually from air pollution-related conditions.

This change means that if your vehicle doesn’t meet the minimum emission standards. You will be charged every time you enter the zone. The fee for each vehicle is £12.50 and for larger vehicles such as lorries or coaches, the fee is £100. For the most part, vehicles made after 2015 are compliant and vehicles made before 2008 are often not compliant. This depends on your specific car model. You can enter your number plate here to check if your car is compliant.

Chessington Enters the ULEZ. A map of London showing the current ULEZ area, and then the planned expansion of it for 2023.
© Transport for London

How does this affect Chessington? When the zone expands on the 29th of August 2023. It has the potential to make building projects at the park more expensive. It could also affect guests who have a non-compliant vehicle. Potentially adding an extra £12.50 fee on their day out.

However, Chessington will see the benefits of the Ultra Low Emissions Zone. With cleaner air within the local area and cleaner air for the animals that reside within the park. The park is supportive of the new zone as it fits its ethos of conservation for future generations.

Article by Tim

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