Chessington Plans New Entrance

  January 29th 2022

Chessington Plans new Entrance. That’s right, Chessington has submitted more planning documents to the council. In what is considered a surprise move, Chessington has submitted plans to the local authority to build a new entrance to the theme park. Planned as a replacement to the current Explorer Gat. Chessington’s plans detail a desire to replace the current, dated entrance.

The new entrance area looks set to be much more open and welcoming. With new turnstiles, a permanent security checkpoint and a themed centrepiece. The new entrance is a much-needed change and will really help to improve operations at the Resort. The park has in the past been widely criticised over how slow it can be to get into the park from the Explorer Gate. This new entrance looks set to change that.

With improved security checks, more turnstiles and a wider entrance area. They’ll certainly be able to handle a greater influx of guests when the resort opens in the mornings. Getting guests into the park faster and more efficiently will certainly help with each guest’s unique visitor journey. With improvements to the car parks also expected in due course, things are really improving operationally at the park.

Why a new entrance?

But, why is this change happening? Off the back of the now approved Project Amazon. Changes were always going to be required to the entrance as part of the new land. The new roller coaster, due to open in 2023, actually takes up part of the land the current entrance booths reside on. Therefore, plans were always expected to make changes to the entrance to make way for the new area.

Chessington has of course used the opportunity to spruce up the entrance. Making it wider, and clearer and adding more decoration. We are of course excited to see the changes and cannot wait to follow progress over the season. The plans do detail that the entrance area is a 2022 project, however with the park still being open. We are unsure of how this will progress throughout the year. As always, Chessington Buzz will be providing all of the latest news and updates throughout the year!

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