Chessington World of Water?

Chessington World of Water? In a world where Chessington’s parent company is investing heavily in the Resort Theme Parks division. We consider the possibility of a second gate attraction coming to Chessington. Could a Water Park be on the cards for the Surrey-based theme park resort?

With Chessington set for massive growth and investment. New rides, roller coasters and a whole host of improvements taking place. Could now be the perfect time for another huge investment?

Merlin Entertainments has made no secret of its growth plans in recent years. With investment in resort accommodation being a key to that like Splash Landings at Alton Towers. This features a combination of resort accommodation and a water park. A similar concept could be a worthwhile investment into the future of Chessington. Not only increasing the number of rooms on offer at the resort but also boosting attendance with the operation of a second gate.

Fans and guests alike have made no secret of their desire to see a Water Park added to Chessington. This opens up a unique attraction that isn’t commonly available in the local area, let alone in the UK. The combination of a Resort Hotel offering and a Water Park would be a perfect fit for Chessington. Add in a wide array of slides, and an indoor and outdoor pool and you’d have yourselves a fantastic new adventure!

The possibilities of a water park at Chessington could be endless. A wide variety of possible themes pop to mind. From a tropical-themed jungle water park with lush planting and wild theming to the more traditional Pirate theme. There’s so much that could be done.

But where could this new Resort destination go? You’ll have to catch part two of Chessington World of Water. Coming soon…

  June 11th 2022