Coaster Consultation Begins

Shortly after the reopening of the theme park for the 2021 season, Chessington is already looking to the future. With the two new attractions for the season, Croc Drop and Blue Barnacle now open and operating, the park has announced more for the future. Via a two-page spread in a local Chessington publication, it’s become clear that plans are being developed for a brand-new roller coaster.

Although little is currently known about the attraction, the planned location for the ride has been made clear. The new roller coaster is planned to go on the ‘picnic field’ to the southeast of the park. Located alongside the main path which runs next to Dragon’s Fury. The new roller coaster will be the first major new coaster of its type to open since 2004.

Chessington Buzz believes that the process the park is taking can only mean one thing. This is likely to be a major development. The ride is expected to be on a similar scale to Dragon’s Fury or Vampire. The proposal advert also states plans for Children’s rides, leaving us to believe this may be a whole new land, with a coaster and other family filler rides. Similar to the way in which Dragon’s Fury was developed for the 2004 season.

The new attraction will enter a two-week period of consultation from Monday, May 17th. The consultation will end on May 31st and then we’ll likely see more from the project. Planning applications and an estimated opening time for this are unknown at this stage, with 2023 looking most likely.

Little more is currently known about the project, but rest assured we’re following this closely. More updates will follow soon!

  April 29th 2021