Could Jumanji Ride Into Africa?

  January 20th 2022

Could Jumanji Ride Into Africa? Opening as the big new attraction for the 2013 season, Zufari: Ride Into Africa opened to mixed reviews. Touted as a trip into the African savannah, in the heart of Surrey, it was felt the attraction wasn’t finished. Some of the animals hadn’t truly become part of the habitats and theming in some places hadn’t grown up.

Chessington’s parent company, Merlin Entertainments, has already confirmed that it has the theme park rights to the Jumanji film franchise. With a new, Jumanji-themed dark ride set to open in Gardaland this season. Hyped up as a brand new experience, the attraction is replacing an ageing dark ride.

Chessington will be opening a Jumanji-themed area for the 2023 season, or so we believe. So, ten years after the opening of its last major investment. As a result, could Zufari be about to change?

Jumanji: Ride Into Africa

With the plans for Project Amazon detailing pathing that matches the original Jumanji game board. And the area featuring theming pieces and features likely to be from the films. Would a tie-in with Zufari be a good idea?

Zufari: Ride Into Africa has struggled for many seasons. Billed as a story-driven ride into the heart of Africa, the ride never really became what it set out to be. Large sections of the ride are simply just moments along the journey. Rather than being the story-driven elements, they were set out to be. The rock carvings now have little meaning. The cave, with its recent changes for 2021 is still just a flash flooding show. The experience sadly hasn’t tied together for quite some time. So, if a Jumanji retheme were to occur, could we finally have a story?

With a complete refresh of the rockwork and a reworking of the cave finale, we could be set to enter into a video game world. Because of this, a Jumanji lead story could be an incredible change. Of course, we’re just speculating, but what do you think? Let us know over on our social media channels, links below.

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