Drop Tower Planning Begins

Today Chessington’s latest plans for a new attraction within the resort has been unveiled. With planning documents for a new ride at Chessington appearing online. Available via the Council’s planning portal. Chessington’s new plans are now fully available to see and we’ve got the latest scoop.

Described as being a direct replacement for the park’s ageing and tired top spin ride, Rameses Revenge. The new attraction being proposed is a drop tower, likely to be constructed by Italian ride manufacturer, SBF Visa. The ride is proposed to be just under 100ft tall and will take riders to the top of the tower. Before dropping them back down to the ground with a series of bounces and twists.

Designs and plans for the new attraction also detail a few other changes happening in the Forbidden Kingdom. With plans depicting updated facades amongst the areas now ageing main street. As well as a large themed crocodile themed mouth section which will directly wrap around the base of the tower.

Thought to be themed around the Egyptian deity Sobek, the ride is anticipated to open for the 2021 season. With lots of work to take place before the ride can be installed. Including the relocation of Flying Jumbos. These are set to be moved to the former home of the Carousel, behind the Adventure Point Gift Shop.

This is exciting news and we’re excited to see this new attraction progress and take shape. As always, keep an eye on our social channels for all the latest news and updates.

  August 21st 2019