Explorer Entrance Gets The Green Light

  March 24th 2022

Chessington’s planned new explorer entrance gets the green light. Planning has been confirmed and the park is now allowed to proceed with construction on the new entrance area.

Following the approval of planning for Project Amazon, Chessington needed to plan for a new entrance. With aspects of the parks under construction new land taking up space within the old entrance. The now-approved new entranceway looks set to massively improve a guest’s journey into the park. With the tired-out huts, poorly located turnstiles and pop-up security tents now a thing of the past.

After working with the council we are delighted that permission has now been granted which allows us to create a main entrance in keeping with the needs of the park. The Explorer entrance has long overdue needed enhancements to bring it up to standard and this decision will allow us to deliver the first phase which we hope our guests will enjoy and benefit from.

– Simon Burge, Strategic Development Director

Although a new land has caused changes to the entrance, the biggest reason behind the change is obvious to see. With works set to massively improved the entry experience for guests. Permanent security gates, new entrance gates and a new, much more open plaza is also a lot more inviting. Guests will make use of a smoother path into the park, with faster security, more gates and more staff will allow for a faster entrance procedure. Gone are the days of huge queues to get into the park.

Exciting Changes Ahead

The new explorer entrance will be wider and more open, with nicer-themed accents and a more streamlined entrance into the park. This change is huge and it’s why we’re so glad that the planned new explorer entrance gets the green light. We will of course be providing updates on the project soon!

Chessington also has more improvements planned for the future. The new entrance has been described to us as part of a phased approach, with future plans due soon. These plans look set to improve the parking experience at the park, with a series of new disabled bays, and other parking improvements planned to take place. Watch this space for more news on Chessington Buzz soon!

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