Howl’O’ween Lineup Confirmed

  September 24th 2021

Howl’O’ween Lineup Confirmed for 2021! Once again we’re heading into the spooky season at Chessington. Howl’O’ween returns this October, running from the 16th – 31st. Prepare for a fright with some new surprises lurking around the park this season.

The Wild Witches

New for 2021, the Wild Witches have taken over. Cursing the park with a devilish spell, areas of the park have been brought back to life. With scary characters and evil spirits lurking around every corner, there are far more tricks than treats this Howl’O’ween! This troublesome trio is the source of chaos at Chessington. Pay them a visit to Adventure Point and see if you can persuade them to reverse the curse!

Plunderous Pirates

Beware as you step foot into Pirate’s Cove. Not all is as it seems. The former crew and mutinous captain of the wrecked Black Buccaneer have returned to the shores of Pirate’s Cove. They’ve returned, lost and confused to pillage, plunder and wreak havoc this Howl’O’ween. Side with the crew of the Blue Barnacle and see if you can help them restore peace in the land.

Ferocious Pharaoh’s

Mysterious mummies have arisen from within the Tomb. The spirits of the Forbidden Kingdom are restless and a host of Pharaohs now roam the land. But these vengeful idols have treacherous intentions, beware as you step through the kingdom. Maybe taking a ride on Croc Drop will help to rid the land of its curse this frightful Howl’O’ween.

Barbaric Bandits

Watch out, a ravenous band of Barbaric Bandits have descended upon Mexicana. Mayhem and carnage ensue as the bandits wreak havoc terrorising the townsfolk. Perhaps putting them to work in the mines of Scorpion Valley will help to calm the tensions. Maybe they’ll be able to tame the almighty Rattlesnake.

Vile Villagers

Lost souls have arisen from the graves in the Wild Woods. They wonder about the path between the dead and the living, haunting those who dare pass them by. All is not silent in this realm. The cries of werewolves and the screams of the Vampire’s victims soar through the air. Dare you step foot into the land and walk through the Vile Village unscathed?

The Legend Of The Wild Witches

A staple of Howl’O’ween has always been the spellbinding dance show on the Mane Stage. Discover all the deepest and darkest secrets about the Legend of the Wild Witches, who have conjured up spirits across Chessington using their awesome magical powers. Witness their fury as spectacular effects and dancing help to warm the spirits and curse the park. Your spine will be tingling when you witness this spooktacular spectacle!

The Curse Catchers

When a coven of Wild Witches’ have hexed your theme park, who are you gonna call…? This team of investigators will be investigating the spooky goings on at Chessington. Can they put an end to the sorcery and curse that have taken over Chessington? Make sure you keep an eye out for the Curse Catchers this Howl’o’ween – they might be the brightest minds in their field. But this eccentric bunch will need your help to make sure their experimental methods don’t make matters worse! Will you help this squad to expel the spells?

Spine-Tingling Walkthroughs

Returning this Howl’O’ween is the multi-award-winning Creepy Caves: Resurgence. Brave Creepy Caves: Resurgence and journey deeper into the dark caverns to experience the twisted next chapter of what lies beneath. But be warned, only the most fearless should dare enter…

The Forgotten Forest for your little Vampire’s returns! Wander through the extraordinary world of The Forgotten Forest this Howl’o’ween and discover its quirky inhabitants hidden deep within the magical woods.

Howl’O’ween 2021 looks to have an incredible lineup and we’re excited to visit! Be sure to follow us on our social media channels for all of the latest updates!

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