Jungle Bus Returns

  September 6th 2022

Jungle Bus returns to Chessington World Of Adventures. Following the news earlier this season that Jungle Bus was to remain closed. Chessington Buzz can now confirm that a new Bus has arrived on site.

Fresh from the factory in Italy, Jungle Bus has made its voyage and has returned to Chessington. Work is already underway on installing the new ride. Code named Project 71, the new bus is a like-for-like replacement for the original ride, which sadly reached the end of its operational life.

The new ride arrived recently. Installation of the new ride has already begun. Jungle Bus will reopen. But it isn’t currently known when. However, it is likely to take some time to install. The original ride had its themed backdrop removed. This was to allow for the demolition of the original ride.

The new Bus looks just like the original ride. It is fantastic to see the Jungle Bus return and we cannot wait to see the ride start operation once more.

It has become clear that investment within Merlin Entertainments has increased. With World of Jumanji coming to Chessington in 2023. The recently opened Shipwreck Coast and now a new Jungle Bus. Work on improving the park is happening rapidly. With more projects expected at Alton Towers and Thorpe Park soon. It is an exciting time to be a UK theme park goer.

As always, Chessington Buzz will be keeping a watchful eye on changes at the park and we’ll report more news soon. Jungle Bus returns and we couldn’t be happier to see this ride rejuvenated.

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