Last Bubble Soon to Burst

  August 1st 2016

Chessington has announced that the long-rumoured closure of one of its most iconic rides. The Bubbleworks will close to the public and the factory is due to be under new ownership. The legendary ride will close to the public on the 6th of September. Meaning that after much speculation, the ride will not be restored to its former Professor Burps glory.

Although unconfirmed, it is heavily hinted that the ride will be based on an existing themed story. Believed to be having a Gruffalo retheme after the book. This is in contrast to the more original and wild theme of the rides predecessor. Which demonstrated that a successful ride doesn’t need to follow an existing narrative.

Even though the ride is closing to the public, it is expected that the ride will take the guise of a revamp or retheme. Due to the large investments made in reason closed seasons to the rides hardware. It is thought that the ride will stay the same. With the boats, water trough and station system expected to remain in place. Although no word has been said surrounding the ride’s sensational fountain finale, it is hoped it will remain.

The final rides will be held on the 6th of September before the ride closes to the public for the final time. Over the years, the magic has been somewhat lost in the Bubbleworks. With the ride losing its charm, broken effects not returning and some of the rides original music being replaced. Although the Bubbleworks will be missed, it is past its prime and a refurbishment is overdue.

Chessington Buzz will be following the project closely, so be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels for all of the latest news and updates from the park.

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