Mystic East Retheme For 2018

  July 4th 2017

Today, Chessington World of Adventures has submitted a new planning application to the planning office of Kingston Borough Council. To seek permission for the construction of new animal enclosures, associated groundworks and new theming elements. The planning application outlines Chessington’s plan to rejuvenate the Mystic East area of the theme park. A land that has resided within Chessington since its opening in 1987.

Mystic East and its log flume attraction Dragon Falls have been with the park since its official opening. Sadly, over the last few years, it has fallen a little into disrepair. This looks set to change with the new plans. These also see Chessington bid farewell to the Ferris wheel attraction Peeking Heights.

The planning application not only sees the removal of Peeking Heights but the construction of a new themed feature. Titled ‘Tiger Rock’ to wrap around the final, large, drop on Dragon Falls. This new theming feature is shaped like a tiger’s head and has the main drop exiting through the mouth. Dragon Falls of course used to feature extensive theming surrounding the drop. Before it was removed at the beginning of the 2013 season due to safety concerns.

The new plans feature three new tiger enclosures, animal houses and new structures for Dragon Falls. These see the introduction of what we believe to be a first for Europe. The application outlines the park’s plan to link the three new habitats using bridges that tie the new enclosures together. It’s certainly an interesting development.

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