New For 2020: The Rainforest

Splashing into Chessington World of Adventures Resort for 2020 is the parks newest themed world, The Rainforest. Chessington is inviting guests to “Answer the Call of the Wild” as part of its latest marketing campaign. Featuring not one, but three rides, including a new to Chessington Junior Log Flume Ride, aptly named “River Rafts. Because of this new land, Chessington’s bouncing drop towers will be relocated. Treetop Hoppers will take guests on a ride to the top of the Rainforest canopy. Giving them a wonderful view overlooking the newest themed world.

In addition to River Rafts, guests will step in under bold entrance portals and into the new area. A trio of attractions will await guests of a younger audience. Toadie’s Crazy Cars will be replaced by a new fun ride in the guise of Jungle Rangers. Featuring a newly laid path through the land. This new ride will take guests on an expedition through the Rainforest.

The Rainforest is inspired by Chessington’s support of the charity, World Land Trust. They protect the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats acre-by-acre. Chessington’s Conservation Fund has supported the WLT for the last eight years. Saving an area of threatened rainforest in Ecuador more than double the size of the Resort and protecting it annually. Working to prevent poaching, logging, and mining, by funding ‘Keepers of the Wild’ (Rangers), to safeguard the area.

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  January 15th 2020