Rameses Revenge set to close

It has been made official by Chessington World of Adventures Resort that the parks iconic Rameses Revenge top spin ride is set to close. The ride is to be removed to make way for a new attraction coming in 2021. The removal will allow for groundworks and construction to take place on the new project. In order for the new attraction to open in time, the ride needs to be removed this coming closed season.

Rameses Revenge has been a staple ride ever since its installation in the 1995 season as part of a Forbidden Kingdom expansion. The ride opened intricately themed, with giant snakes adorning the side of the ride, a stunning colour scheme and of course a raised queue line which allowed guests to see what they were about to embark on during their time waiting for their ride.

Rameses Revenge is the latest ride to close at Chessington. But it is one of only a few of the parks classic attractions to actually be removed. Joining Safari Skyway, Samurai and a few other rides. Sadly, Rameses Revenge has reached the end of its operating life. Due to ever-increasing maintenance costs, an opportunity for replacement was seen for breathing new life into the Forbidden Kingdom.

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  October 9th 2019