Shipwreck Coast Coming July 15th

  June 29th 2022

Chessington World of Adventures has announced Shipwreck Coast, coming July 15th. The new land, designed and developed in-house is part of a £1m investment into the ageing Pirate’s Cove area.

With the new Blue Barnacle Pirate Ship opening in April 2021 and a lot of underutilized space available, Chessington took to planning some changes. As we speculated in late 2021, this would include revitalising the Pirate’s Cove area. But keen not to just refurbish another area, Chessington added not one, but two new rides into the mix!

Shipwreck Coast

Gone are the Pirates and in comes Shipwreck Coast. The new land looks set to take on a far more colourful vibe, with a lot more interactive activities and even some animal interactions!

The land takes inspiration from coastal harbour towns with nautical theming such as lighthouses, boats, sails, fishing nets and anchors taking prominence around the development. But it’s not just new rides and theming landing in Shipwreck Coast. Bagot goats will be making their home in the grassy hills around Blue Barnacle. Black rats will also be found exploring their brand-new home near the docks at Trawler Trouble.

That’s not all, as the Mayor of Shipwreck Coast’s prized fish has gone missing and is calling upon guests to help crack the case and catch the ‘fishnapper’. Join the pursuit for the truth and meet the quirky residents who inhabit the town along the way to help identify the culprit. Something smells fishy here…

Barrel Bail Out

Fresh from the Zamperla factory in Italy is Barrel Bail Out. This Watermania ride, originally known as Bobbing Barrels brings another water ride into the mix. It’s all hands-on deck as disaster strikes at the docks! The harbourmaster needs your help at the new Barrel Bail Out attraction, where a freak maelstrom has engulfed the infamous harbour. Jump inside a barrel and grab a pump to help bail out the water. Will you brave the whirlpool and race to empty the barrels of water?

Trawler Trouble

Fresh from its time at the Island Like No Other, Trawler Trouble has run aground at Chessington. With a fresh repaint and a new lease on life, the ride now has its forever home. Over at Trawler Trouble, you’ll discover the Captain and his crew have run aground. Lured near the rocks by a legendary mermaid. Will you help rock the boat in an attempt to release it back into open water? Or will it remain and join the rest of the wreckage washed up at Shipwreck Coast?

Shipwreck Coast Coming July 15th

The new themed land launches on July 15th and we simply cannot wait to check it out. We’ve of course been covering the construction in-depth, so please check it out here. The Chessington Buzz team will be there for the opening, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates! Be sure to check out our mini-site too, for all of the latest updates on Project Amazon!

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