Toy Town Retheme for 2012?

  December 9th 2011

Could a Toy Town retheme for 2012 be on the cards? Today, Chessington has submitted a planning application to the local council. The plans detail that the park would like to make huge changes to the Toy Town area of the park. Toy Town has been old and dated for some time now. So, these changes are very much welcome.

The plans outline that the Toybox shop and surrounding area is to receive a facelift. With freshly repainted facades, new roofing material and some other larger changes. The biggest of which is the relocation and removal of Flying Jumbos.

Flying Jumbo’s is expected to be moved to the former site of Rodeo in Mexicana. The plot, next to the Runaway Train has sat empty since the removal of Rodeo in 2005. This is a welcome change and fills an empty void in the park. But what is to replace the former Jumbos site in during the Toy Town retheme for 2012?

A new show venue. That’s right, Chessington is planning to build a brand-new stage. With the former Jumbo’s site replaced with plentiful seating benches. The former operator cabin is thought to be being reused as the control room for the new stage.

The new stage is a welcome addition. It’s great to see that the park is planning to head down the route of more entertainment. With a handy central location, it’ll be a prime site for the brand-new show!

We can’t wait to see what shows the park has in mind and we’re excited to see Toy Town get a refresh! With a new stage coming into the park, it’s an exciting time for Chessington. Don’t forget we’ll have all the latest news and updates here on Chessington Buzz!

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