Wild Asia Closed Season Changes

  February 14th 2022

This valentines day, we’re sharing our love of the Wild Asia closed season changes and giving our friends and followers a glimpse into the ongoing work.

Opening in 2010, Wild Asia transformed the tired and worn-out Beanoland and gave it a new lease of life. After twelve more years, however, some areas were looking a little dated. Rest assured, however, changes are afoot as we head into the 2022 season.

Temple of Mayhem has been reborn, with a completely refreshed facade and a full repaint. Other works are ongoing inside the attraction to give it a clean-up as we enter the new theme park season. Other changes throughout the land include a repainted entrance to Kobra. Monkey Swinger has also received a newly refurbished entrance and the elephants around the land have been given a refresh. With new paint detail adding some vibrancy to the land.

Alongside the great changes above, more work is underway to help this land. Tuk Tuk Turmoil for example is receiving a host of works. Work is ongoing fixing up issues with the roof and the attraction will also now feature removable walls. These walls will help keep the attraction operational during variable weather.

Other changes will be taking place throughout the closed season. With plans to add more colour to the land including decorative bunting and refresh works to the areas planting. Filling in and fixing up dead spots, similar to the works which happened last season to Mexicana. Queue line fences around the park. In particular, Monkey Swinger is also being worked on. With new composite fencing material being used.

Some exciting changes are taking place at Chessington and we cannot wait to unveil more soon! With the Wild Asia closed season changes being just the start, much more is coming!

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