Farewell Safari Skyway

Earlier today, Chessington World of Adventures officially announced the removal of the much loved Safari Skyway. As previously reported, the ride’s queue line has already been removed. And only yesterday was the attraction taken off of the official Chessington website…. Read more »

Is Safari Skyway due for Removal?

Following the recent removal of its queueing area. So, the permeant closure of the park’s popular Safari Skyway attraction is now looking more likely than ever. Earlier today, the ride was removed entirely from the resort’s website. Leading us to… Read more »

Rides Close for 2015 Season

It has recently become apparent that Chessington is having a tough season this year. With prolonged periods of downtime on Dragon’s Fury and longer so on Rattlesnake. Sadly more closures are now in effect. Chessington has announced that Tomb Blaster… Read more »

Restaurant Extension Planning Begins

A recent planning application has been made to the local council of Kingston-upon-Thames. Outlining that Chessington would like to construct an extension to Adventurer’s Chicken Shack. The plans indicate that the extension will be built in what is currently a… Read more »

A New Lioness Arrives

There’s a new arrival at Chessington World of Adventures Resort’s Zoo. Following the sad news earlier this year that Kalinga had passed away. Chessington has added a new female lioness to the Trail of the Kings. Rani the Asiatic Lioness… Read more »

Scorpion Express Opens

Following a year closed, the former Runaway Train has reopened. Operating under a new guise for 2014, Scorpion Express is the big new attraction. Although not a brand new ride, the attraction has received a major refurbishment project. Scorpion Express… Read more »

Lioness Kalinga Passes

Kalinga the Asiatic Lioness, 11, an inhabitant of Trail of the Kings, died on January 31st 2014. Kalinga was born on March 1st 2002 to Vanaraj and Shantee at Zoo de La Boissière du Doré, France. She was soon transferred… Read more »

New For 2014: Scorpion Express

In a surprise announcement, Chessington has revealed some big changes are in store for 2014. With a new 2014 addition in the guise of Scorpion Express. Set within the new area of Scorpion Valley, the re-themed ride will be the… Read more »