It’s Far Scarier ‘After Dark’

  October 22nd 2019

It’s Far Scarier ‘After Dark’. New this year at Chessington’s annual Howl’O’ween event is something very dark and sinister. So much so that for most guests, it is something that slipped under the radar. Similar to something you’d find at nearby Thorpe Park, Creepy Caves: After Dark is a new experience available to guests over the 13.

After Dark: Reviewed

It’s well known that Creepy Caves Unearthed is undoubtedly the most intense and frightening scare attraction to ever operate at Chessington.

Up until the 2018 Halloween season, this frightful attraction was an upcharge to guests looking for something scarier at Howl’O’ween. This year, however, things have changed. The standard Creepy Caves Unearthed was toned down, not much might we add. With a new up charged VIP addition in the form of Creepy Caves After Dark.

We were fortunate (or unfortunate depending on your viewpoint) to experience the new Creepy Caves After Dark VIP experience twice this year.

We have to say, without a doubt it is the single most intense scare attraction we’ve ever done! The thrill level is set from the second you sign up. You’re told you will be touched, manhandled and pushed about. Guests are warned they will be pushed, pulled, shouted at and plunged into dark and confined spaces. However, at no point did they tell us we’d be carried!

We were blown away by the new After Dark experience in so many ways and really hope that it returns for many years to come. We’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for that ultimate scare.  For a small upcharge fee of £10 per person, we’d consider it money well spent! Taking place after the park has closed to ensure that other guests aren’t caught up in the proceedings, it was genuinely scary.

Just remember. It’s Far Scarier ‘After Dark’.

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