Is Safari Skyway due for Removal?

  January 6th 2016

Is Safari Skyway due for Removal? Following the recent removal of its queueing area. So, the permeant closure of the park’s popular Safari Skyway attraction is now looking more likely than ever. Earlier today, the ride was removed entirely from the resort’s website. Leading us to believe that the attraction will not feature in the 2016 lineup.

In recent years ride availability has become increasingly poor. And with it out of action from late July last year, and in early September 2014. It has been somewhat plagued with issues. Including notable breakdowns, some of which even received negative press in the newspapers.

The ride originally opened in 1987 alongside Chessington World of Adventures themselves. This opening day classic has been a fan favourite for many years, with guests young and old enjoying the trip. Taking guests on a tour around the park and a birds-eye view of the zoo. It’s been a staple attraction since its opening and would be greatly missed by guests.

It is believed that similar circumstances forced the closure of the ride both times. Possibly leading to the eventual decision to close the attraction permanently. Please bear in mind that at the moment, its removal is entirely unconfirmed. We expect that should the attraction be closed for good; the park will make an official announcement on its social media feeds and the website.

Chessington Buzz will of course keep an eye out for any news. Updates will follow as and when we get them. Keep an eye on our website for the latest updates! Is Safari Skyway due for Removal?

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