Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the future developments at Chessington World of Adventures. This guide provides an in-depth look into ongoing projects, upcoming plans, and the long-term development strategy of the theme park.

Our coverage will include detailed insights into the current work-in-progress plans, shedding light on the specific projects and modifications underway. We aim to provide a factual overview of the active construction projects within the park. Outlining the key changes visitors can anticipate.

Additionally, we will explore potential development areas, considering factors such as planning restrictions and operational constraints. By analyzing these elements. We aim to offer an understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with the park’s expansion and improvement initiatives.

The guide will also delve into operational restraints, examining how logistical considerations impact the implementation of new features and attractions. From ride logistics to overall visitor experience, we’ll provide a clear picture of the practical considerations involved in shaping Chessington’s future offerings.

Furthermore, we will discuss potential locations for new developments within the park, assessing the feasibility and impact of such initiatives. This section will provide a straightforward examination of the options available for expanding and enhancing the park’s attractions.

Join us as we navigate through the intricacies of Chessington World of Adventures’ future. Offering a detailed and informative perspective on the developments shaping this beloved theme park.

Future Plans

Project Bruce Page Icon

Project Bruce

  • Planning is underway for a huge new adventure coming to Chessington World of Adventures. Project Bruce will see a Water Park coming to the Resort. Adventure begins here!
Safari Lodges Planning Icon

Safari Lodges

  • Planning is underway for some new resort accomodation. The Safari Lodge project has been ongoing for a number of years and thing's are really beginning to get on track.

Potential Plans

Long Term Development Plans Icon

Long Term Plans

  • Long-Term Development Plans. In 2016, Chessington World of Adventures submitted its vision of the park’s future. We take a look in detail.
Potential Development Sites Icon

Development Sites

  • There are a whole host of potential development sites within Chessington World of Adventures, join us as we delve into these under used plots.