Under Construction

Welcome to Under Construction! Here we detail a host of exciting projects that have happened over the years at Chessington. From works to improve animal habitats to the construction of exciting new rides! We’ll cover them all here at Chessington Buzz. Please note however that here we only feature completed construction projects. For in-progress projects, please head over to our Future section and delve into the project which interests you most!

Over the years, Chessington has worked on a lot of projects. There’s been hotels, roller coasters, thrilling rides and exciting enclosures built. For example, below we detail the removal of Rameses Revenge and its replacement Croc Drop. We follow progress replacing the tired out Penguin Cove habitat and take a ride on the stormy seas during the arrival of Blue Barnacle.

Although some of these projects have taken many years to fulfil, our team were on the ground to follow progress every step of the way!

We’ve so much more coming soon. With the huge addition of Project Amazon coming up, these exciting additions will all feature here soon and we cannot wait to expand. We’re hearing rumours of bigger things to come, so rest assured that Chessington Buzz will have you covered!


Project Anchor Latest Icon

Project Anchor

  • Chessington is planning to add two new rides for the 2022 season. In early February a planning application was submitted to install two new rides at the park. Join Us for this exciting Project!
Explorer Entrance Planning Icon

Explorer Entrance

  • With the construction of a brand-new land taking up part of your entrance space, what do you do? Build a new one of course! Planning is underway on a brand-new Explorer Gate. Updates to follow!


Blue Barnacle Future Icon

Blue Barnacle

  • On January 27th 2020 it was officially confirmed by Chessington that the parks fearsome pirate ship Black Buccaneer had left the resort. It had set sail to pastures new and a new ship was making...
Croc Drop Future Icon

Croc Drop

  • On August 21st 2019, Chessington World of Adventures submitted a planning application to the local planning authority. The plans detailed that the park was keen to renew the ride line...


Penguin Bay Construction Icon

Penguin Bay

  • In October 2014 Chessington submitted a planning application to the local council. Detailing the parks desires, the planned target for change was Penguin Cove.