Food & Drink

Chessington World of Adventures offers a wide range of food & drink options to suit all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional British fish and chips, Tex-Mex tacos, or some sweet treats. You’ll find something to satisfy your hunger and thirst. From the Sweet Treats kiosks and the Fast Food restaurants to the Chilled Drinks stands, there’s plenty to choose from.

Our Food & Drink page provides detailed information about all the different options available. Making it easy to plan your meals and snacks during your visit. This page includes links to individual pages for each restaurant or kiosk. Where you can learn more about the different options. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack on the go or a sit-down meal with the family. You’ll be able to find the perfect option.

There really is a wide array of food & drink options available. From refillable drinks capsules to ice cold Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Chessington has you covered.

So, whether you opt for a pay-one-price all-you-can-eat buffet at the Pizza & Pasta Buffet or the Temple Restaurant. Or if you’d prefer to discover the various kiosks and stalls around the park, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Chessington. With restaurants also on offer for both the Theme Park and the Resort hotels, there is something for everyone.

Ben & Jerry's Cone Ranger Page Icon Image

Ben & Jerry's Cone Ranger

Ben & Jerry's Cone Ranger at Chessington World of Adventures is a unique and exciting experience for ice cream lovers.
Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shack Page Icon Image

Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shack

Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shack is a charming little shop offering a wide variety of delicious ice cream flavours, as well as shakes and sundaes.
Ben & Jerry' Scoop Shop Page Icon Image

Ben & Jerry' Scoop Shop

Ben & Jerry' Scoop Shop at Chessington World of Adventures is a beloved destination for ice cream lovers of all ages!
Captain's Fish & Chips Page Icon Image

Captain's Fish & Chips

Captain's Fish & Chips at Chessington is a must-visit destination for those who love classic British fish and chips!
Coffee & Cold Drinks Page Icon Image

Coffee & Cold Drinks

For those in need of a refreshing drink, Chessington has the perfect solution with Coffee & Cold Drinks. The park's themed coffee truck.
Dirty Fries Page Icon Image

Dirty Fries

Dirty Fries at Chessington is a delicious dining experience. Serving up a mouth-watering combination that will leave your taste buds dancing.
Donut Express Page Icon Image

Donut Express

Donut Express is sugary sweet! You've had your thrills on the rides and now want to sink yourself into something a little bit more, sweet?
Donut Shack Page Icon Image

Donut Shack

Looking for a sweet treat while visiting Chessington, then the Donut Shack it is! Delicious doughnuts are made right before your eyes!
Dragon Delights Page Icon Image

Dragon Delights

Dragon Delights is where visitors can indulge in delicious ice cream sundaes. The Dragons have taken over this sweet treat stand.
Dragon’s Lair Café Page Icon Image

Dragon’s Lair Café

Welcome to the Dragon’s Lair Café! After enjoying the thrilling attractions, you might be looking for a spot to recharge. Here it is!
Drinks Refill Station Page Icon Image

Drinks Refill Station

Located within Adventure Point, the Drinks Refill Station is the perfect spot to take recharge before continuing your adventure.
Drop'n Chicken Page Icon Image

Drop'n Chicken

Drop'n Chicken at Chessington World of Adventures is a great spot for hungry visitors looking for a satisfying meal.
Gruffalo Bites Page Icon Image

Gruffalo Bites

Gruffalo Bites is a food unit offering a range of drinks & snacks. Perfect for visitors looking to recharge during their adventure.
Hot Potatoes & Hot Dogs Page Icon Image

Hot Potatoes & Hot Dogs

Hot Potatoes & Hot Dogs is the perfect stop. This food outlet offers a variety of jacket potatoes and hot dogs with a selection of toppings.
Icee Temple Page Icon Image

Icee Temple

Icee Temple at Chessington World of Adventures is a refreshing stop for anyone looking for a sweet and fizzy drink.
Pizza & Pasta Buffet Page Icon Image

Pizza & Pasta Buffet

Step inside Adventure Points very own Pizza & Pasta buffet and be spoiled with a wide array of pizza and pasta!
Refresh & Refill Page Icon Image

Refresh & Refill

Various Locations
The Refresh & Refill units at Chessington World of Adventures are a convenient way for guests to stay hydrated and refreshed!
Smokehouse BBQ & Bar Page Icon Image

Smokehouse BBQ & Bar

Smokehouse BBQ & Bar's menu features a variety of mouthwatering meals. Including 12-hour smoked pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and so much more!
Starslush Page Icon Image


Various Locations
When the sun is shining and the temperature is high, nothing beats a refreshing Starslush iced drink. Various locations available park wide.
Tacotaria Page Icon Image


Tacotaria at Chessington World of Adventures is a must-visit eatery for anyone who loves Mexican food. Load, Wrap, Top, and Enjoy!
Temple Restaurant & Bar Page Icon Image

Temple Restaurant & Bar

The Temple Restaurant & Bar is a must-visit dining experience for anyone staying at the Azteca Hotel. Step into the heart of an ancient temple!
The Coffee Hut Page Icon Image

The Coffee Hut

The Coffee Hut at Chessington World of Adventures is a great spot for a quick and tasty bite to eat. Offering a range of Costa Coffee drinks.
Tiger Bites Page Icon Image

Tiger Bites

If you're looking for a bite to eat while exploring the Land of the Tiger themed area at Chessington, then Tiger Bites is the place to be.
Tiger Outpost Page Icon Image

Tiger Outpost

Tiger Outpost is a great option for guests looking for a quick refreshment stop in the Land of the Tiger at Chessington World of Adventures.
Tiger Treats Page Icon Image

Tiger Treats

Located in the Land of the Tiger themed area at Chessington, Tiger Treats is a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth.
Tuk-Tuk Treats Page Icon Image

Tuk-Tuk Treats

At Tuk-Tuk Treats, visitors can enjoy a range of ice cream. There are also mouth-watering waffles freshly made to order and served warm.
Vampire's Burger Kitchen Page Icon Image

Vampire's Burger Kitchen

If you're a burger lover visiting Chessington World of Adventures. Then you definitely don't want to miss out on Vampire's Burger Kitchen.
Zafari Bar & Grill Page Icon Image

Zafari Bar & Grill

Table Service
Zafari Bar & Grill is a family-friendly restaurant located in the Safari Hotel at Chessington World of Adventures.