Food & Drink

There is a whole host of tasty food and drink options to explore at Chessington! From traditional British Fish & Chips at Captain’s to the more adventurous BBQ on offer in the Smokehouse. There’s something for everyone!

Adventure Point Hot Dogs Icon

Adventure Point Hot Dogs

  •   Adventure Point
  • Step right up to Adventure Point Hot Dogs for a traditional theme park food staple!
Adventure Point Pizza Pasta Icon

Pizza Pasta Buffet

  •   Adventure Point
  • Step inside Adventure Points very own Pizza and Pasta buffet and be spoiled with a wide array of pizza and pasta!
Captain's Fish & Chips Icon

Captain's Fish & Chips

  •   Shipwreck Coast
  • Captain’s Fish & Chips is the perfect place for a quick bite to eat during your adventures at the park, with fresh, hot food, all cooked to order!
Dirty Fries Icon

Dirty Fries

  •   Wild Asia
  • Enjoy fries? How about pizza? Then how would you like them together, because that’s the aim of the game at Dirty Fries!
Donut Express Icon

Donut Express

  •   Adventure Point
  • You've had your thrills on the big rides and roller coasters and now want to sink yourself into something a little bit more, sweet?
Dragon Delights Icon

Dragon Delights

  •   Land of the Dragons
  • Previously the home of some madcap magicians who’d make ice cream before your very eyes, the Dragon’s have taken over this sweet treat stand.
Dragon's Lair Café Icon

Dragon's Lair Café

  •   Land of the Dragons
  • Let your children unwind and go crazy in Dragon’s Playhouse whilst you're on hand nearby with a hot cup of Costa coffee!
Drop'n Chicken Icon

Drop'n Chicken

  •   Forbidden Kingdom
  • You can’t visit a theme park without a chicken restaurant. A staple food for theme park goers the world over!
ICEE Temple Icon

ICEE Temple

  •   Forbidden Kingdom
  • Ah, so you’ve braved the drop and released the curse, battled the ancient priest and need a moment to recharge? Great, but can you stomach the ultimate brain freeze with the ICEE Temple?
Smokehouse BBQ & Bar Icon

Smokehouse BBQ & Bar

  •   Adventure Point
  • Are you a lover of all things BBQ and meaty? Then head on over to the Smokehouse BBQ in Adventure Point for the freshest slow-cooked BBQ Big Red has to offer!
The Coffee Hut Icon

The Coffee Hut

  •   Rainforest
  • Waiting for a show to start on the Mane Stage and feeling a little chilly at Chessington? The Coffee Hut is just for you then.
The Gruffalo Bites Icon

The Gruffalo Bites

  •   Wild Woods
  • Feeling peckish after an encounter with the Gruffalo? Head over to Gruffalo bites to pick up a coffee and a classic Gruffalo cupcake!
Tiger Bites Icon

Tiger Bites

  •   Land of the Tiger
  • Deep in the heart of the Land of the Tiger a traditional theme park food awaits! Take your pick from a selection of different hot dogs or maybe even a quick portion of fries!
Tiger Treats Icon

Tiger Treats

  •   Land of the Tiger
  • Ice Cream, chocolate sauce or plain, you have lots of options to choose from at Tiger Treats. Cooked fresh throughout the day, you won’t find a better waffles than at Chessington!
Tortilla Icon


  •   Mexicana
  • If this is Mexican, where are all the sombreros and chimichangas at? We say sorry friend, this is Tortilla, and they do things a little differently.
Tuk-Tuk Treats Icon

Tuk-Tuk Treats

  •   Wild Asia
  • Head on over to Wild Asia and get stuck in to a host of wonderful ice cream sundaes and piping hot waffles! Whether you want them plain or with special toppings is up to you!
Vampire's Burger Kitchen Icon

Vampire's Burger Kitchen

  •   Wild Woods
  • Vampire’s Burger Kitchen is the latest incarnation of fast-food restaurant to inhabit this large building in the Wild Woods!