The World of Jumanji is coming to Chessington World of Adventures in 2023. Featuring three brand new rides, including a state-of-the-art roller coaster, this new land is huge.

One of the largest investments to date into Chessington. Planning began in May 2021 with a public consultation. With very little by way of the theming and rides of the land given away. The park took feedback from locals. Going away to finalise its plans before submitting a formal application in August.

Plans detailed three new rides and a large themed area set to occupy the former Picnic site next to Dragon’s Fury. With plans showing three new rides, the focal point is set to be a new roller coaster. Wrapping around the perimeter of the land, the ride would be a true icon at Chessington.

Two other family rides were planned and now we know the names, we’ve set up our World of Jumanji pages ahead of the opening in 2023. More updates will come soon. So please check back soon for all of the latest information.

Prepare for the World of Jumanji, coming to Chessington World of Adventures in 2023. A new adventure awaits, have you got what it takes?

We’ve been detailing the Consultation, Planning and Construction since day one. With the World of Jumanji now close to complete. Follow the progress on our mini-site.

  Rides & Attractions

Jungle Maze Icon

Jungle Maze

Mamba Strike Icon

Mamba Strike

  •   World Of Jumanji
  •   Wild Rides
  • Mamba Strike will arrive at the World of Jumanji in 2023. Coiled and ready to bite, this thrilling ride is sharpening its fangs.
Mandrill Mayhem Icon

Mandrill Mayhem

  •   World Of Jumanji
  •   Roller Coasters
  • Mandrill Mayhem, a thrilling new adventure is coming to Chessington World of Adventures in 2023. Join us as we unlock this new adventure!
Ostrich Stampede Icon

Ostrich Stampede

  •   World Of Jumanji
  •   Wild Rides
  • An Ostrich Stampede is heading to Chessington. Will you become one of the Jumanji Rangers and help bring this flock back under control?

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