Safari Lodges

The Safari Lodges development at Chessington has been in the works for a number of years now. With issues raised during the original planning application. Multiple aspects of the major resort development were changed. This new scaled-back version sees a reduced number of lodges and no separate restaurant and check-in building.

Check-in will now take place in the Safari Hotel and the lodges will also share the other hotel’s current food and drink offerings. The ‘Watering Hole’ restaurant from the original application was dropped in order to allow the application to get through planning permission. Other changes saw the removal of the ‘premium lodge’ offering and scaled back landscaping.

After many years of planning. In 2022 construction started. Follow our construction updates below whilst we welcome this new resort accommodation to the park.

Safari Lodges Construction

18th May 2022

Little has happened on the site of the Safari Lodges. The bushes are growing. And no progress appears to be being made. We’re not sure what the status is, but for now, we still believe the project is on hold. Could something else be in the works for the park?

26th February 2022

With the road now complete, what happens next for the Safari Lodges is unknown. The access road was installed to secure planning permission and the park can now pick up the development when they choose to. We’re hearing that the Lodges are currently on hold. So, what happens next is unknown. Rest assured we’ll be keeping an eye on things here.

29th January 2022

Time for a small update. Work is moving forward on the installation of the access road. With kerb stones now installed, as well as the edging between the current tarmac and what will become the new access road.

15th January 2022

Although only a small part of the construction, work has begun on the installation of access to the new Safari Lodges. Work on installing a new, permanent road has commenced. Hardcore has been laid and work on making space for the installation of kerbs is in progress.

This part of the development is vital. It makes way for access to the site further on and lays the foundations for the lodges. The installation of the access road is the start of an exciting new accommodation format for Chessington.