The History of Chessington Zoo, Chessington Circus and Chessington World of Adventures is a fascinating journey through time. Taking visitors back to the days of the popular theme park and its roots in the world of animal conservation. To help capture this history and make it accessible to visitors, our guide is currently in development.

We will feature detailed information about the history of Chessington Zoo. First established in 1931 by the entrepreneur Reginald Goddard. Learn about the early days of the zoo, which was a collection of exotic animals that Goddard had acquired during his travels. Over the years, the zoo expanded and became a popular destination for families and school groups.

The guide will also cover the history of Chessington Circus. Established in the 1930s and became a popular attraction at the zoo. Visitors to the circus could watch a variety of animal performances, including elephant and lion shows. As well as acrobatic displays and clown acts.

As the years passed, the focus of Chessington Zoo and Chessington Circus began to shift towards more family-friendly attractions and rides. In 1987, the park was transformed into Chessington World of Adventures. A whole host of new attractions were added. Including roller coasters, water rides, and themed areas such as Calamity Canyon and Mystic East.

With its rich history and ever-evolving attractions, Chessington is a unique and exciting destination for visitors of all ages. Our guide will serve as an invaluable resource for anyone looking to explore its past.

Before The Adventure

The Burnt Stub Icon

The Burnt Stub

  • History » Before The Adventure
  • The Burnt Stub Mansion, located within the grounds of Chessington World of Adventures, has a long history that spans several centuries.
Reginald Stuart Goddard Icon

Reginald Stuart Goddard

  • History » Before The Adventure
  • Reginald Stuart Goddard 's journey from a boy in rural England to the founder of Chessington Zoo is a tale of passion, resilience, and spirit
Hans Brick Icon

Hans Brick

  • History » Before The Adventure
  • Hans Brick had a passion for animals that led him to become one of the best animal trainers. Starting work at Chessington Zoo in 1932.
Chessington In Wartime Icon

Chessington In Wartime

  • History » Before The Adventure
  • Chessington in Wartime. The outbreak of WWII in 1939 brought about a series of challenges. A period of both disruption and resilience.
Devon's Zoo & Circus Icon

Devon's Zoo & Circus

  • History » Before The Adventure
  • Devon's Zoo & Circus. Reginald Goddard made a pivotal decision to temporarily relocate them away from the wartime perils of the capital...